Genesis 1:1

In the beginning“… And so starts the amazing story of creation. With these three words begins a book that tells of God’s creation, including the first humans Adam and Eve. The story of their downfall, and the inherited sin all mankind is plagued with. Along with being a book of history, it is also a book of prophecy and sacrifice. In the end, it is also a book of hope. God’s hope for mankind, the original purpose for mankind that will be fulfilled and a future without pain, suffering, death or mourning.

This book is a treat to read. My one recommendation is to get a bible translation that is in a modern form of English. I use the New World Translation but there are many translations available free online. With a modern translation many archaic phrases are rendered in an easy to read format. Words like “thou” and “thee” are replaced with more modern usage. One of the most common translations is the King James Version. It is a translation of Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic into Old English. The New World Translation goes back to the original text and translates into modern English. If English is not your preferred language visit and at the top of the page you can select your language from over 1,000 and can get wonderful bible based literature.

This is the first, of hopefully many, post highlighting the scriptures that I find most encouraging. Read the bible, and see if you can’t find some of your own!

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