Missing My Little Girl

There are times when I am alone with my own thoughts I think about things. On my walk home from the gym yesterday my little Ladybug popped into my head. Since then off and on I have thought about her. The feeling of loss has gotten lighter each day but sometimes thoughts of her still make me sad and sometimes I shed a tear over her. But, there are times when I think of her and smile. She was such a good girl. She was so loving and sweet, at the same time she would defend her “territory” with Peanut who is twice her size!

Now that she is no longer with us, we here in Beckmania have noticed that Peanut doesn’t try as hard anymore. He knows he is the only dog in town and therefore while he shows us affection, it has become clear that a lot of what he did before was out of jealousy…he’s a jealous boy! So funny. In closing, I just want to share some photos of my little baby girl. My heart aches and I miss her so much. She was such a good dog and will keep a spot in my heart until I die.

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