Do you believe in the power of prayer?

Prayer is how we communicate with God. The scriptures tell us in Acts 17:27 …”He is not far off from each one of us.” It is comforting to think that the creator of all things cares about what we are going through. Psalm 55:22 tells us “throw your burden on Jehovah and he will sustain you.” Communication is back and forth interchange, so you may wonder, “how does God communicate with us?” When we study and meditate on the message of the Bible, we are listening to God and learning about the things that are pleasing or displeasing to him. By doing this, we are drawing close to him and he will in turn draw close to us (James 4:8). How do we know God is listening? Some people do not feel God is really listening but Psalm 65:2 says he is the “hearer of prayer“. Many people regularly talk to their friends, this is how friendships grow and flourish. It is the same with God.

It can be overwhelming when you take time to think about things you are thankful for; all the blessings we have in our lives. We can pray to express thanks for the beauty of creation, our family and friends. When we express our thanks for blessings, it helps take our mind off troubles we may be experiencing, therefore providing a measure of peace. Prayer is a wonderful provision from God and it gives us a way to communicate and draw close to our loving creator. He WANTS to hear from us and he loves us. When we pray regularly we find that we gain a peace that only God can give (Philippians 4:6, 7).

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